Global Ballkan is a company that brings you quality and correctness. Spread across several sectors, Global Balkan enables you to easily make your choice in construction, central heating and ceramic tiles.


Trust experienced makers


Unique locations – close to everything

For the convenience of all residents, Global Balkan has planned all buildings to be located in the city’s most attractive locations. Each building offers you the opportunity to be as close as possible to the city center and to the most visited places in Gostivar. Choose your space by working close with Global Balkan.


Beautiful panorama, architecture and greenery

Enjoy every day while looking at the green spaces and fantastic architecture created by the Global Balkan construction workers only for you. We have brought to you European standards in order to feel the air purity and the friendliness of your neighbours, so you can feel relaxed every day.


Convenient cafés and bars

Each building constructed by Global Balkan offers you the opportunity to have your favourite cafés, shops and bars as close as possible, or even be one of the owners. We always cooperate with you in order to meet every need for a better living environment.


Walking and jogging space

Leisure and walking time are very important to you and your children, and this is why Global Balkan is here to provide you special spaces to do these activities. The buildings are built only few kilometres away from the central park in Gostivar.


Real investment for the future

The quality of life depends on the living conditions, so they must have high standards and guarantee a secure future. Our company offers guarantee to those who trust us and invest their future in us. Global Balkan offers you the best prices in the market to buy your living space.


Attractive sports areas and playgrounds

Home is the place to meet all demands of all family members, therefore Global Balkan has made it possible for your children to have a playground built with high safety standards, which distinguishes our company for its seriousness at work.


Safe environment

Our main goal is to provide you with a quiet life and safe living environment. Each property has its own parking space and a separate green space where you can spend time with your family.